Apples in Witchcraft . Witches Apple Lore & Spells

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Apples in Witchcraft . Witches Apple Lore & Spells


Few of our Mother’s gifts are so celebrated in lore as the apple. Often associated with goddesses of fertility, the apple is for many, a Tree of Knowledge. Apples, may be incorporated into spells and magical rituals when honoring deities (gods and goddesses) and can be used for abundance, prosperity, money spells, luck, love, peace, balance and happiness.

For fertility, the seeds can be planted in establishing a shrine of trees to Aphrodite or other fertility goddesses. Dried apple seeds can be ground into a powder with a mortar and pestle and used as incense. Apples may be eaten, the juice shared in a chalice ritual cup, or offered as a libation when seeking knowledge through the Tree of Life… an act of calling upon the wisdom from the divine.

The Granny Smith apple is known as the witches apple as for when it is cut horizontally, the seed cavity reveals a pentacle (five pointed star). The Granny Smith apple is often used in abundance and money spells because of it’s green color of prosperity. For a good money spell you may wish to read about my Powerful Immediate Money Drawing Spell.  Told to me by a shaman friend many many moons ago, it has proven over the years to be the best money spell I’ve ever come across and we never stop hearing about how successful it has proved to be for our wonderful customers. Here it is!

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Whichever way you slice it, the apple has been a part of ancient magic and continues to be fruitful to those who harness it’s magical energies contained within. A symbol of security, the apple is believed to elevate one’s spirits (maybe because they taste so good), bring good fortune, abundance and happiness.

Witches Apple Candle MagicThe Witches Apple Candle







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