Blue Moon Rituals

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Blue Moon Rituals

The opportunity to perform spells and rituals on a Blue Moon only presents itself to us around every 2.5 years. A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons within the same calendar month. Because of this rare occurrence, this is the perfect time to harness the moons powerful influential energy! Like Samhain and Beltane, when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest, when there is a Blue Moon, this allows us to establish a clearer and closer connection to the universe and divine energy as it holds double power of that of a regular full moon.

Any rituals, intentions, or spells performed during a Blue Moon are extremely beneficial for long-term results, as it sets in motion and works towards your end result until the next one appears. A Blue Moon is the ideal time for planting new seeds and ideas or looking to make a significant change in a specific area of your life.

Lunar Magick is one of the most powerful energies we as witches have drawn upon since ancient times. She is always here to help you whether she is full, new (dark), waxing, waning or blue. Full moons are a great time for positive manifestations, abundance, good fortune and empowerment workings. Add to that a Blue Moon, when her power is bursting through and connections with deities and spirits become stronger. Bathe in her ethereal light to fill you up with her amazing strength and love. Harness Blue Moon rituals to invoke spiritual energy, raise vibrations and set new goals. Blue Moons are also the ideal time for meditation, truth seeking, divination workings, love spells, wishes, banishing and protection spells. Goddesses associated with the moon are Artemis, Diana, Hathor, Isis, Luna, Astarte and Selene, to name a few.

Blue Moon Rituals

1. Money Spell

One of my favorite and most popular spells to cast during any Full Moon is my Fortuna (Powerful Immediate Money Drawing) money spell. It sets intentions of good fortune and wealth while opening oneself to the abundance and prosperity all around them.

To fully harness the power of the Blue Moon while performing my money spell be sure to do your casting after midnight before it reaches its full peak, as that is the most ideal time. If you live on the West coast, the Blue Moon will peak on July 31st 2015 at 3:45 am, if you are on the East coast it will peak at 6:45am.

Blue Moon Rituals Powerful_Immediate_Money_Drawing_Spell_white_magick_alchemy_

2. Candle Magic

Light a candle to draw down the intention of the moons ethereal energy to you. Use blue colored candles on a Blue Moon and set it on your altar or near your crystals to intensify your wishes and desires. My Blue Moon Celestial Lunar Candles were crafted and charged especially for Blue Moon ritual workings and are handmade and blessed with positive intentions, wisdom and abundance. Each candle is topped with a beautiful moonstone as well as a proprietary blend of herbs and flowers associated with Lunar Magick to enhance its workings during your rituals and spells honoring and harnessing the energy of the divine moon.

Blue Moon Rituals Candles

3. Harness The Color Blue and The Element Of Water –

Blue is the color of happiness, peace and wisdom. It assists in opening blocks, clearing the mind, healing, strength and courage. All wonderful aspects that help us reach our intentions and goals. Burn a blue candle surrounded with blue colored gemstones and crystals while casting your spell.

Make a clear intention and offer a gemstone or crystal into the ocean. Use blue, white or silver colored stones such as Moonstones, Fluorite, Crystal Quartz or Lapis Lazuli to name a few.

Blue Moon Rituals Lapis Lazuli

Float in a body of outdoor water (hot tubs, rivers, swimming pools, the ocean, etc), or even just lay outside under the light of the moon. Incorporate crystals if you can. Whether holding them, wearing them or submerging them into the water. Mediate on your desires as you bathe and soak up her divine energy.

4. Recharge Your Crystals

It is a great time to recharge your crystals and gemstones. Set your crystals under the moonlight on your outdoor altar, under a tree or even on a windowsill. 

Blue gemstones Blue Moon Rituals

5. Incorporate Incense Potion In Your Blue Moon Rituals

Incense potions work to assist the witch in invoking power. Burning sacred herbs during rituals intensifies the intentions as well clears away negativity energy. Using a proprietary blend of herbs, flowers, woods, crystals and resins I created a potent Full Moon Crystal Incense Potion I incorporate into all of my full moon rituals. Blessed with empowerment, abundance, divine love and blessings, it is a wonderful blend to offer up to the beautiful Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Rituals Crystal Incense Potion

Wishing everyone a wonderful, abundant and powerful Blue Moon.

Magickal Blessings to all ~

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