Candle Magic – How to Perform Intentional Candle Spells & Rituals with Color Magic

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Candle Magic – How to Perform Intentional Candle Spells & Rituals with Color Magic

Candle Magic dates back centuries to ancient times when candle burning was used in age-old symbolic rituals and religious ceremonies. Sacred candle rituals continue in modern times as we seek to explore the realm of magic and personal spiritual awareness within our own intuitive consciousness.

Witches have used candles for centuries and they have a long and interesting history in religious worship, magic and folklore. They light the way to the sacred, they dispel the forces of darkness, they are associated with ghosts and the dead, they can find buried treasure, and they play a role in incubated dreaming.

In 21st century witchcraft, candle magic is at the center of most all spells and intentional magical workings. It all begins with an intent. A magical corresponding color is then matched to that specific intent.  A corresponding ritual oil is used to anoint the candle(s) to heighten the energy of the intentional spell working. Other items such as resin incenses, loose herbal blends, ritual salts, waters and crystals can be placed upon the altar to help magnify the power of your intentional spell or ritual working.

A spell is a thought, a projection, a prayer, an enchantment. Most of us already performed our first act of candle magic by the time we are two years old. Blowing out the tiny candles on our first birthday cake and making a wish is pure magic! This childhood custom is based on the three magical principals of concentration, will power and visualization. In simple terms, the child who wants his or her wish to come true has to concentrate (blow out the candles), visualize the end result (make a wish) and hope that it will come true (will power).  In essence, the success of any candle magic spell depends not only upon the way in which it is cast, but also upon the power of positive thinking and the ability to imagine and believe in the magic being created.

Candle magic begins with correspondences. This is the most relative aspect of success with candle spells and magic. Each color is indicative to a specific intent (or intents), and matching the corresponding color in candle magic is key. For instance, if working with love, you would want to incorporate pink or red candles into your work. For money and luck, you would incorporate green candles. Success would be orange or gold candles. Harnessing the correct and appropriate corresponding color into your candle magic workings is imperative, which inevitably will invoke that color energy into your spells and rituals. 

White Magick Alchemy White Magick SpellsThe candles you use for any type of magical use should be virgin (unused). Under no circumstances use a candle which has already been burned, adorned a dinner table or been used as a bedroom candle or night-light. There is good reason for not using anything but virgin materials in candle magic. Vibrations picked up by second-hand materials or equipment may disturb your workings and negate their effectiveness.

Once you have chosen the appropriate candle for your ritual or spell, the next step is to anoint your candle with a corresponding ritual spell oil. For instance, if your are working a protection spell, you might incorporate my black Witches Shield Candle with my Witches Shield Ritual Spell Oil, or choose one that resonates with you relative to your intent. A basic protection oil would also do just fine. The purpose of anointing the candle is to establish a psychic link between it and you through a primal sensory experience. By physically touching the candle during the anointing procedure, you are charging it with our own personal vibrations and also concentrating the desire of your magical intent into the candle itself and making it more magically potent. The candle is becoming an extension of your mental power and life energy.

When you anoint a candle for magical use, imagine that it is a psychic magnet with a north and a south pole. Rub the oil into the candle beginning at the top or north end and work downwards to the halfway point. Always brush in the same direction downwards. This process is then repeated by beginning at the bottom or south end and working up to the middle. In Wicca, it is referred to as “deosil” (clockwise), with a direction of motion for creative magic, healing, drawing and invoking workings. Widdershins (counterclockwise), would be utilized for reversing and banishing spell workings. This is called “directional energy” which also comes into play relative to candle magic. Working in a clockwise direction for creating positive healing energy, or counterclockwise, working to release or banish that which no longer serves.

You can also carve names and symbols onto the candle. For a love spell, carve your intended’s name into the candle surface, anoint with love oil, set your intention, and chant your spell to the wind as you light the candle.


Below are my Candle Color Correspondences in detail along with Zodialogical Correspondences –

Color Correspondencces for Candle Magic


Black is a very mysterious and powerful color that represents magic, power, death and mourning. When incorporated into spells involving banishing, shielding and warding negativity, vanquishing hexes and curses, the color absorbs and neutralizes negative forces. It is the color of night, power and strength, and removes discord and/or confusion. It opens the portal to enhance ones psychic intuition and is often incorporated into dark path and goddess workings. Bending, binding, reversing, overcoming obstacles, manifestation, karma, realization, high magic. Also strength, vanquishing bad habits and addictions, self-control, balances the reactive “self”. Black is also used for scrying and divination.

Sign: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius


BLUE (Light)

Light Blue represents the element of water that in turn represents the ebb and flow of all of nature. It is the color of peace, happiness, tranquility, harmony, dreaming, clearing and healing, Light Blue also lends to workings for peace within the home, understanding, patience, opportunity and balance. Thwarts depression and anxiety. Truth and spirituality.

Sign: Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo


BLUE (Dark or Medium Blue)

Blue is the color of the sky and happiness, air and light against the earth and the shadow of envy. Representing the element of water, Blue allows for peace and balance. Often used in mediation, Blue helps strengthen communication, devotion and loyalty. Change, truth, harmony, patience, healing, spiritual wisdom and protection.

Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra



Representing the element of earth, Brown is the color of concentration, mental clarity, mental focus and learning. Brown connects us to the earth and the animals. A good color to use for healing animals. Said to aid in finding lost physical items, use Brown for intuition, psychic empowerment, protection, home and hearth, balance, friendships/new friendships, prosperity and abundance, wealth and business success.

Sign: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus



A fusion of both red and purple, Burgundy can be used for either intent or a combination of both red and purple as it harnesses both color correspondences. As well the darker version is normally used in more serious and powerful spell workings in the realm of those intents/correspondences. Power color.

Sign: Scorpio



Gold is associated with the sun (God/Masculine), solar energy and drawing upon universal influence. The color of protection, power, achievement, physical strength, success, spiritual growth, and money, Gold enhances enlightenment, playfulness, luck, luxury and victory. It also represents fast luck, justice, success, and ultimate abundance relative to motivation, money, investments, business and financial matters.

Sign: Leo, Aries



Green is the color of abundance, money, success, wealth, luck and prosperity. Representing the element of earth, Green connects us to nature the same way it connects us to new opportunities, fertility, growth, healing, courage. New jobs, new journeys, new relationships and new love relationships. Also changing direction, attitude, transformation. Wealth, wellness, purification, renewal, rejuvenation, success, gardening and agriculture, as well as Faerie (Fairy) Magic and Druid magic.

Sign: Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio



The color of meditation, spirit communications, power, karmic workings and karmic balance, ancient wisdom, neutralizing baneful/negative influence, false judgment and slander.

Sign: Pisces, Capricorn



Lavender is a very tranquil and calming color. As well it is the color of understanding, compassion, inspiration and spirituality. It lends to psychic growth, psychic development and personal empowerment, selflessness and manifestation. Physical and emotional healing, protection and nostalgia. The color is associated with the otherworld and spiritual communications between the worlds so use Lavender when calling upon spiritual assistance from deities (Gods and Goddesses).

Sign: Libra, Pisces



For beauty, creativity, inspiration and success. A fusion of two colors, red and violet, it oscillates at a high frequency and energizes rituals where immediate action and high levels of power or spiritual healing are required. Magenta is the color of the Crown Chakra and it connects us with the divine and the spiritual. Use Magenta for quick changes, spiritual healing, banishing, imagination, psychic power, strengthening intuition and to increase dream activity. Use to harness higher vibrational frequencies and power.

Sign: Leo



Associated with the masculine God, Orange creates and promotes happiness and clears negative influences. It is the color of vitality and health and is a wonderful strong soothing color for emotional and spiritual healing. The color of all things success, Orange promotes power, attraction, ability, abundance and prosperity, legal matters, justice, business dealings, business success, real estate, career goals, mental stimulation, mental strength and attracting friends.

Sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius



Pink is the color of passion, devotion, friendship and love. The color of happiness connected to the feminine, pink represents universal love, spiritual healing and the spiritual essence itself. Use Pink when working with attraction, physical and emotional healing, compassion, devotion, relationships, partnerships, fun, joy and sex.

Sign: Taurus, Libra, Gemini



Purple is the color of ultimate power, royalty, ancient wisdom, mysticism, and magic. It is the color that opens the third eye hence raising and enhancing intuition, psychic ability, spiritual development and soul-searching. Use purple for workings involving protection, shielding, healing, progress, communication, self-confidence, ambition, business success and when making connections to deities and the otherworld. Spiritual enlightenment, night magic, power to mirror back negative energies, evil, jealousy and repel black magic.

Sign: Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio



Red represents the element of Fire, warmth, lust, attraction, passion and sex. Its power is the sacred flame of fertility, strength, courage, protection, and for quickening and accelerating. Red is the color of vitality and health but also the color of war and violence.

Sign: Scorpio, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn



Silver represents feminine goddess energy. Its color is associated with the moon. It is the color of otherworldly travels, vision quests, veiling and neutralizing negative forces and powers. Silver is the color that opens the veil between the worlds enhancing psychic communications, clairvoyance, and astral intuition. Communications with ancestral spirits.  Silver is also a good color to use for destruction, victory and for vanquishing negative influence, hexes and curses. The neutral color in essence cancels out any negative energy forms as well mutes hexes and curses.

Sign: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo



Violet is a color of power, success, strength and clairvoyance. Opens portals to the otherworld for otherworldly spiritual contact.

Sign: Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius



White is the ultimate balance of all colors and can be used in substitution for any candle color harnessing that intent. White is the color of purity, clarity and healing. As well, protection, banishing, vanquishing negative energies, truth, justice, change, clearing, strength, abundance, love, clairvoyance and spiritual enlightenment. Ideal for blessings, vigils, healing, new beginnings, lunar moon magic, goddess workings and deities.

Sign: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces



Yellow is the color of confidence, creativity and happiness. Yellow helps stimulate, improve and enhance brainpower, concentration, mental focus and center-core thinking. For empowering mind, body and spirit and personal inner mental strength. Use for improving mental capacity involving writing, school, career, advancement, financial matters, business, personal power and performance. Attraction, success, trust.

Sign: Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Libra


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