Moon Phases . Lunar Magic, Spells & Harnessing the Power of the Moon

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Moon Phases . Lunar Magic, Spells & Harnessing the Power of the Moon

One of the most powerful energies we as witches draw upon is the the moon. Since ancient times the lunar goddess reigns as the feminine force of the moon. The moon’s divine energy cycles help us draw strength and power during spells and rituals as we behold in her ethereal light. She is the ebb and flow of the feminine life cycle and we utilize each lunar phase within our spell workings and rituals to invoke her divine spiritual energy and essence.

The moon harnesses the power of ultimate divine feminine energy. A powerful energy source for spells and magic, divination, love and truth seeking, lunar magic can also be harnessed for empowerment, personal growth, balance, banishing, protection, reversing, money spells, as well as peace, dream workings, healing and wishes. Essentially every moon phase works in tandem with its own moon cycle correspondence.

Goddesses associated with the moon and lunar magic include, Isis, Diana, Artemis, Hathor, Luna, Selene, Astarte, Hekate, Cerridwen, Brigid

The most powerful of all moon phases is the full moon and spells and magic should be focused on change, abundance, healing, transformation. Following is the new moon, when the moon is dark. During the new moon intentions should be focused on banishing that which no longer serves, clearing, releasing. The focus should be on new beginnings and looking forward to a brighter renewed future.

Magical Correspondences for Lunar Moon Magic:

New Moon (Dark Moon) the Dark Mother, the Crone of time, the Dark Goddess. Time for banishing and reversing rituals, clearing, drawing down the moon with the Goddess Hecate and elemental spells. This is the best time to release, venture towards new beginnings, abundance, love and success

Waxing Moon or Maiden Moon magic is an excellent time to begin new projects, gain inspiration, increasing abundance and perform love and healing spells. For creating success, good luck and good health

Full Moon or Mother Moon magic invokes creativity, manifestation, fertility and sexuality. This is the time for spells related to finishing off projects, protection, and strength. Abundance workings, power, lunar magic, goddess magic

Waning Moon or Crone Moon invokes change and transformation, endings and new beginnings, for clearing, cleansing, banishing negative energies, reversing, and divination spells

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