New Amazing Obsidian Pieces from Mexico

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New Amazing Obsidian Pieces from Mexico

If you’ve been to the Crystals/Gemstones Section at you may have noticed our new BLACK OBSIDIAN Section! For several years now we have been working with the worlds most famous families in Mexico who own the mountains where this premium Black Obsidian is found. After the raw material has been mined and has surfaced, the family works together to intricately craft the some of the best pieces of Black Obsidian the world has ever seen into a myriad of shapes and sizes. From glossy Pyramids, Spheres and Obelisks, to gorgeous huge Palm Stones, Hearts, Wands, jewelry pieces and more. All of which are available pretty much throughout the year right here at White Magick Alchemy.

Every year Jose makes his annual trip up here from Mexico to visit us right here in the comfort of our own home in Sonoma County, California. He will haul into our living room box after box of all new pieces he and the family have been working on. We just gather round on the living room floor and with lights and scopes and dial in on each piece we choose to offer here for you at White Magick Alchemy and our White Magick Crystals online shops to insure that each piece we choose is the premium quality not only in relative to the gemstones overall quality, but we also examine for scratches, chips or anything thats not just 100% perfect on each and every single piece.

Our selection of Obsidian includes:

Black Obsidian, Silver Sheen, Gold Sheen, Blue Obsidian, Spiderweb Obsidian, Aqua Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian in an abundance of shapes and sizes.

MAGICAL & HEALING PROPERTIES OF OBSIDIAN: Obsidian is a stone of change and growth. Its a powerful gemstone that radiates positive, loving energies. A relaxing stone, Obsidian brings peace and calm to mind, body and spirit and its a wonderful stone to help you release your own stress and anxiety. Its magical power also deflects and shields negativity, spirits, harmful energies, evil eyes, psychic vampires (people who are draining your spiritual energy, vitality and emotion), clearing negative influence brought about by judgments and/or projections, any negative past life energies, and last but not least, oneself. It is a very protective stone and is very useful in removing negative energies, emotional and spiritual. Aids in eliminating bad habits and helps to reduce cravings. A powerful healing stone as well.

We offer the most amazing specimens of Obsidian available and because we are able to buy direct right from the source, our prices are incredible for this AAA quality gemstone. Our customers have even told us that we carry the best Obsidian they have ever seen! So pop on over to and check out our selection! Lots of new pieces have just been added.

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