Relieving Stress & Anxiety Magically

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Relieving Stress & Anxiety Magically

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, relieving stress in our lives is important. We often forget to take time to breathe, relax and care for ourselves. One of the best ways I relieve stress and rejuvenate is to get out into nature! As we go about our daily tasks, working, dealing with family matters, the kids, even finances come into play here, a walk in the woods, a meadow, or even a trip to the beach can really help to wash away the stresses of the mundane world. If you can take a Saturday or Sunday and just go someplace, go plant your butt on the soft musky earth under a tree in the shade, or in forest under a canopy of redwood trees. Or if you love the sun and the feeling of the heat of the sun on your skin (which is also a great way to absorb Vitamin D), thats good too! Go to the beach and sit on the hot sand. Calm and center yourself and breathe. Listen to the sounds all around you. The birds, the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, a nearby stream, the sound of the ocean waters pounding against the shore. For me, there is something very profound and magical sitting at the edge of the ocean water and land. It is the place where two worlds meet, its very cool if you think about it huh? Visualize your butt growing roots and become one with the earth. Allow the Earth Mother to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Breathe in…. breathe out. And with each exhale, visualize all the stress and anxiety leaving your body. Bring your favorite gemstones with you and hold them in your hands and visualize all the stress, anxiety, anger, whatever, being released into the stones. One of my favorite stones I use for this is Black Obsidian. Black Obsidian is a stone of renewal and transformation, and it is a  powerful gemstone that radiates positive, peaceful, loving energies. A relaxing stone, Black Obsidian literally absorbs negative energy and is a great stone to incorporate when wanting to releasing stress and anxiety from the body.

While the day to day demands of life may not enable us to take a day at the spa, a vacation, or even a walk in nature, there are still ways to bring peace and calm into your life and home.

1. Create A Sacred Space Or Altar

Having a space in your home that generates peaceful and positive energy is a great way to bring that energy into your life. Pick a favorite spot in your home, indoors or outdoors, and create an altar that represents stress free moments in your life. Fill it with objects, pictures and memories of things that calms you or puts a smile on your face. Flowers on my altar can really change my whole day! And usually I like to put flowers on my altar and even around the house on a Friday. Just sets a really positive tone for the weekend.

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2. Harness The Power Of Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones are a fantastic way to generate positive, stress free energy in your life. Some of my favorites for stress and anxiety are Black Obsidian, Charoite, Lepidolite, and Fluorite. Place them on your altar, wear jewelry containing them or carry one in your pocket, purse or even your car, for those times when stuck in traffic or commuting to work. I carry gemstones in my bra too! I like the energy close to my heart center. When I’m stressed or have anxiety, a nice Charoite gemstone in the bra really does the trick.


3. Candle Magick

Sitting in a room with only candlelight evokes a quiet, calming atmosphere. Their flames are beautiful and meditative. A perfect candle to burn is my Anxiety Cleanse Spell Candle that has been hand poured and blessed with the intentions of relieving stress and anxiety. Sit a spell with your candles aflame while putting out positive, stress free thoughts and energy.


4. Use Oils

Our sense of smell is powerful. It can induce emotions that are both positive and negative. To cleanse your thoughts of negativity use oils on your pulse points or during rituals to rid oneself of unwanted and unhealthy energy. Incorporate my Stress Relief Ritual Oil in rituals dealing with stress management and to banish negativity and harmful influence. Its aromatic blend will soothe away all negative thoughts and bring about peace and calm. You will love the aroma of this oil. Its amazing and can often soothe away the stress of my day in an instant. Remember….. breathe –


In todays day and age, stress is something we almost all experience. I urge you to invest time to take care of yourself and incorporate one, or two, or all of these magickal stress relieving aides. Feel the stresses of the world begin to slip away and be sure to always follow with a cup of hot herbal tea. 

Magickal Blessings,

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