The Magic Of Smudging

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The Magic Of Smudging

Smudging is a powerful and ancient practice used by Native Americans and Witches. The act of smudging, the burning of herbs, is performed before rituals or spell casting to call upon the magical spirits of our sacred plants. Most well known for cleansing and purifying the space and body of negativity, smudging with specific proprietary herbs can also assist in the creating or releasing of different energies and intentions.

Smudging awakens our senses, giving us a heightened state of awareness. The aromatic aromas of the herbs burning, brings to life our sense of smell to a pleasant place, through the life giving force of our breath.

It encourages and assists all of our senses to open up, to be receptive to the divine spirit during sacred rituals. The burning of specific herbs helps to hone on the energy needed for a desired intention. That is nature, magic, the power of the mind and spirit coming together in harmony.

Whether you are new to smudging or well practiced, every household should own a White Sage Smudge Stick or two. I always have a few in my home at any given time. A powerful habit to cultivate is the cleansing of negative energies as, more often than not, you are unwittingly picking them up from others and through your own experiences in your day to day life. If you happen to be someone who is hyper sensitive to those around you, as many witches tend to be, cleansing and purifying with White Sage is extremely beneficial. It is also known for its healing properties, is a symbol of purity, and has a lovely sweet aromatic aroma.

Handmade White Sage Smudge Sticks From White Magick Alchemy

If you wish to deepen or explore your smudging practices, my new proprietary Herbal Spell Blends contain a mixture of charged and blessed herbs, gemstones, crystals and other natural elements to support your desired intentions. I use these when I have an area in my life that I feel is stagnate, negative, or I want to improve upon. Incorporate them into your spell casting and rituals to clear the air and aid you in finding clarity and solutions to your current situation. Try my new Sacred Smudge Herbal Spell Blend, ideal for clearing away negative energies to facilitate balance and harmony.


In life, there are situations where the burning of herbs is unfortunately, not an option. These are moments such as being a guest in someone else’s home, renting a hotel room or a car, traveling on a bus, train or plane; all areas that can contain high levels of past, stale, negative energy. One cannot simply break out a smudge wand and begin burning it, so instead, I created smokeless Sacred Essentials Smudge Mist Sprays which contain true plant essentials oils such as pure White Sage Essential Oil, Lavender EO, Cedar EO and many more. True, you are not burning herbs as is the nature with smudging however, spraying the air and your body with one of these Smudge Mist Sprays is still powerful. The essence of these sacred plants are present and they never fail to cleanse, balance and bless with their magical properties and aromatic essences.

White_sage__Sacred Mist

Smudging is a wonderful and beautiful magic to practice. It assists by cleansing and purifying, promotes healing and clarity and enhances your rituals, spell casting and day to day life.

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