Creating An Altar

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Creating An Altar

I am often asked “How do I create an altar?” This is a great question as creating an altar is a very magical as well, a very personal experience, not at all as complex as some think it might be. And, they are a powerful way to generate positive energy and manifest intentions in your life and within your sacred spaces.

First, there are no steadfast “rules” to creating your altar. Your altar should be a reflection of you, expressing what really brings joy into your life and what intentions you are currently focusing on. As with life, your altar will continually change and grow with the coming and going of the seasons, different sabbats and as your intentions and manifestations change as well.

You are not limited to just one altar either. I have a few throughout my home and an outdoor one as well. The altar can be simple and small or big and complex, it is all up to you and what you are creating the altar for.

You can create an altar just about anywhere in your home. Perhaps you have a meditation room, or favorite room you enjoy spending time with the family, even in your bedroom atop a dresser is a great place to set up an altar. You can also decide based on the intentions of the altar. Are you looking to attract new clients for your business? An altar in your home office would be great for that. Would you like to attract new love, a shelf in your bedroom is perfect.

When you are ready to start creating your altar here are a few tips and suggestions:

Include Things That Make You Happy-

Framed pictures of loved ones or familiars.

Mementos that carry wonderful memories.

Tokens of past loved ones to honor their spirit.

A postcard of a favorite place visited or you could manifest a trip by placing a postcard of a spot you desire to travel to.

Art & statuary that resonate with you.

Use The Power Of Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals & gemstones are a great way to generate specific energies and to assist in manifesting your intentions. Pick the appropriate crystal or gemstone to fit your desired outcomes. Here are a few examples-

If you are looking to banish negative people and energy from your life place black obsidian on your altar.

Black Obsidian White Magick Alchemy

I always recommend crystal quartz as it is wonderful for many different workings and promotes positive energy.

Rose quartz is known for its healing powers and for love. 

rose quartz hearts white magick alchemy

The more you work with crystals and gemstones, you will discover which ones resonate strongly with you and which ones don’t. Include those in your altar that are powerful to you.

Incorporate Nature

Fresh flowers

Seashells discovered during a walk on the beach

Feathers that cross your path

Use Candle Magic

When looking to add candles to your altar you can pick them a couple of different ways –

Use spell candles or candles that have been made with a magical intent. Such as our Altar Spell Candle Sets, Sabbat Candles or Alchemy Spell Candles.

Altar Spell Candle Sets White Magick Alchemy

Consider the color of the candle. Color in general is good to keep in mind when creating your altar. Depending on what you are seeking to manifest, pick the corresponding color that will support it. For example, blue is great for loyalty, stability and wisdom. Red for passion, leadership and courage. Green for growth and harmony.

For Spells And Ritual Workings

Altar Box for storing oils, resins, etc
Altar box white magick alchemy
Altar Tiles and Pocket Stones
Cauldron & Charcoal for burning resins and loose incense blends
Chime Candles
Incense Burner
Magic Wand
Mortar & Pestle for grinding herbs
Offering Bowl
Ritual Spell Oils White magick Alchemy
Salt Bowl
Small Candle holders for Chime Spell Candles

Other Supplies

Candleholders for small Spell Chime Candles
Crystal Balls
Fancy Spell Potion Bottles
Sage & Abalone Shell or smudge pot
Resin and Incense White Magick Alchemy
Sage & Abalone Shell or smudge pot
Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards

 As you can see, there are many different elements you can incorporate into your altar(s). They are a personal expression of you, as well as, a personal process. Enjoy creating an altar and bringing some beautiful, magical intention into your space.

Magickal Blessings,

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